Goldfish Caring Tips.


Mahalo for your recent purchase from Bloodline Fish farm. After you receive your goldfish, please do not open the goldfish bag immediately, it will release all the oxygen inside the bag.


Please follow all the steps in order to acclimate your Goldfish properly.


1. Float the goldfish bag in your tank for about 30mins, to make sure the water temperature in the bag equalize the temperature in the tank before releasing your fish.

2. When you’re ready, open the bag and slowly add a total of 2 gallons of water into the bag with a measuring cup. One cup every five minutes.

3. Please wait another 10 minutes before you transfer Goldfish into your fish tank.


Do not feed the goldfish within 48 hours after receiving your fish. After 48 hours, you can start feeding a small amount. Do not feed more than enough to prevent the goldfish from being uncomfortable. 



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